The War Merchants


Out of the ashes of the Second World War, a former Nazi finance expert and his half-brother, an SS Colonel, use stolen gold and confiscated treasures to implement their vision of the ultimate business model to control the world: economic fascism.

In the decades since, a secret cartel of multinational corporations have used it to successfully manipulate world events and pull the strings of governments to start and control local wars around the globe. They maximize profits without the waste and inefficiencies of a world war. Beautiful public relations executive Cassidy Jevon and ace business reporter Michael Kranz stumble upon the Machiavellian scheme. Not knowing whom to trust, they must expose the global conspiracy before the next targeted initiative begins: the manipulation and takeover of Russia.


Nine Things You Can Do to Help Make "The War Merchants" a Best Seller!

Please Note: these suggestions are meant with tongue firmly planted in cheek.  I don’t mean to offend anyone.  However, if I've learned anything in life, I've learned that one of the most important things is having great friends.  So if you’d be willing to help spread the word about The War Merchants, I appreciate anything and everything you're able to do!

1. Buy it! I would be honored if you chose to buy it for yourself and for any of your friends or colleagues. It is available at, and via Amazon.

2.  Email everyone! Word-of-mouth is one of the best recommendations anyone can receive. It’s also the greatest PR/marketing tool ever invented.  It would be great if you could email your friends and tell them about "The War Merchants" and where they can purchase it.

3. Facebook.  Facebook has become a great place to tell friends about friends.  Anything you are able to post on your own Facebook page about the book, would be greatly appreciated. 

4. Tweet.  If you have a Twitter account, feel free to use it!  One way to make things go viral is to tweet about the book because Twitter is able to reach a large number of people. Some tweet topics include 'you are buying a book', 'giving the book as a gift', 'passing it out to co-workers and employees', attach a picture of where you're reading it, shout-out your favorite chapter or re-tweet someone else's comments.

5.  Media.  Interviews! Interviews!  TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, newsletters, blogs, online or offline media! If you have any contacts to any online, offline, print or broadcast media where I could be interviewed about the book, please contact me via the website.

6.  Blog.  Do you have a blog or know someone who does? If so, consider an interview with me. You may also want to blog about your favorite topics from the book. If your blog is a business one, and you would like to do some kind of promotion or give-away with the book, please contact me about your ideas.

7. Word of Mouth.  No rocket science here - tell co-workers, friends, family, and people on the street: "Have you read the corporate thriller/romance by Gregg Feistman called "The War Merchants?"  

8. Book Signing. If you would like to help organize a book signing, please contact me via the website.  I’m happy to work with a local independent, Barnes & Noble or Borders book stores.

9. Write a review.  Go to or and write your own takeaways and thoughts as a result of reading "The War Merchants." Some already have and I  welcome your recommendation too!

Thanks in advance for your help to making the "The War Merchants" a best seller!  And keep readin’!